People Are Booking Airbnb’s in Ukraine and Have No Intention of Staying There

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People across the world are trying to find unique ways to help those in Ukraine from a far.

Many genius and kind-hearted people have come up with a quick solution to provide aid to Ukraine people almost immediately.

People are posting all over social media that they are booking Airbnb’s in Ukraine but they have no intention of staying there.

Instead, they are booking up those vacation spots to give aid and money to the owners of the Airbnb’s.

Stephanie Zoback

Airbnb is also waiving the commission fee for hosts in Ukraine right now, meaning hosts get 100% of what you pay for your stay.

People are first confirming it is owned by a person and not a corporation and then book the soonest date available.

They then reach out to the Airbnb host to inform them they have no intention of staying, they just want to help.

From the online threads, the people in Ukraine are forever grateful. Many of those AirBnB’s right now are actually being used to house refugees fleeing from parts where Russia has invaded.

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The best part is, you can help without breaking the bank. It can cost less than a trip to Costco or Target. Like the example above, you can pay as little as $14/night.

If you want to help and book an Airbnb in Ukraine, just go to the Airbnb website and search for places to stay in Ukraine.

Try to choose a date like today or tomorrow and find a place that is owned by a single person to book.

Then reach out to the host and let them know what you are doing so they can check you in and get paid immediately.

This is a great way to directly help people in Ukraine right now.

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