These Drumstick Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars Are Covered in Cookie Coating and I Need Them

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Drumstick has truly CRUSHED IT with their new Cookies & Cream Crushed It Ice Cream Bars. I want to give the Nestle company a big hug for this one.

There is nothing better, and something so classic about the flavors of ice cream and cookies & cream together!

According to the box of these Drumstick Crushed It Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bars, they have a “Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crushed Cookie Coating” covering an ice cream bar full of creamy cookies & cream ice cream.

Each box has FIVE ice cream bars, and a “New Fun Coating” not previously seen in the Drumstick ice cream cones.

These are actually much different than the traditional Drumstick ice cream cones. There is no cone, but an ice cream stick holding this delicious treat.

Then, there is a full cookie-type coating on the ENTIRE bar, not just on top, like we are used to with a Drumstick frozen cone. We can only assume it’s Oreo cooking coating.

They have already been spotted at Kroger stores, but should be rolling out nationwide soon. Be on the lookout!

I am already making room in my freezer. I know my family is going to go INSANE for these delicious Crushed It ice cream bars.

The Nestle company is also coming out with the Vanilla Fudge variety of this perfect ice cream bar! It has a fudge crushed cookie coating surrounding vanilla ice cream, which has been striped with delicious fudge. Yum! I’m going to need BOTH of these new Drumstick Crushed It flavors in my life!

Via Candyhunting on Instagram

Have you tried the Twix Cookies & Creme Bars? They are totally fabulous, too — a must-try treat!

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