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Low-Rise Jeans Are Making A Comeback So It’s Time To Trade Out Your Wardrobe

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I was so happy that the 90s were back in fashion — flannels, combat boots, tattoo chokers, and jeans that hit the belly button.

But, hang on to your hats and grab your time machines. We are moving forward to the early 00s!

Low-Rise Jeans are making a comeback, and I’m not sure my waistline is ready for that.

Ah, the 2000s. The decade of Boy Bands, Friends, Heelys, Britney Spears, Flip Phones, and Christina Aguilera.

Also the decade of some of the lowest waisted jeans we have ever seen.

You had to make sure you shaved “down there,” AMIRITE?!? We’re talking 3-inch-zippers. Yikes!

Well, my friends, one look on social media will show you that these jeans are making a comeback in a big way. Just search the hashtag #LowRiseJeans.

Celebrities have started this low-rise jeans trend. And, what the celebrities do is the way society goes.

Prove Me Wrong. LOL!!

If you are ready to take that plunge — literally — check out these jeans that are so on trend right now.

Adorable Low-Rise Jeans That You're Going To Love

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