Twix Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Bars Are Here and I’m Treating Myself to One

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Oh, TWIX! You get me. You really get me! You just brought me the ice cream cookie bar that my heart was hoping for.

TWIX not only came out with an ice cream cookie bar, but it’s a Cookies & Creme Ice cream Bar. Yes, please.

Each one is an INDIVIDUALLY wrapped TWIX ice cream bar, so it is either “Right” Twix or “Left” TWIX. Ha!

This delicious Cookies & Creme ice cream is made of Vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces mixed in. They then top the ice cream with more cookie pieces, caramel, and surround the whole thing with chocolate.

The TWIX Cookies & Creme CHOCOLATE candy bar is very new to the TWIX family, with people spotting it early in December of 2019. How incredibly lucky we are to already get this TWIX Cookies & Creme in the form of an ice cream bar!

These ice cream bars were spotted at 7-Eleven, but I have my fingers and toes crossed that we will see them in grocery stores soon!

They look absolutely divine! That creamy vanilla ice cream with big chunks of chocolate cookies would be absolutely enough. But then they top it with the gooey caramel, and cover the whole thing in chocolate. To. Die. For.

Each ice cream bar is 2.9 ounces of pure heaven. I need the whole box, please.

Just watch the video below to see a review of the item in action. OMG. They are so fabulous!

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