You Can Get A Chocolate Oreo Egg Filled With Creme and Pieces of Oreo Cookie

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Oreo just effectively killed my diet. I’m not even mad. When an Oreo Creme Egg is involved, there is no saying “no.”

Via Walmart

When these delicious chocolate eggs filled with smoothe Creme and actual bits of Oreo cookies were first released in the U.S., it was Easter, and you can bet I had too many of them — if there is such a thing.

They were first release in Canada and The United Kingdom — you lucky people, you!

I got to watch on Instagram as all the Oreo Eggs were being eaten and enjoyed by so many people, and I couldn’t partake in the glorious thing that is the Oreo Egg.

Well not anymore. Haha! We may be late to the party, buy we are going to enjoy every bit of that creamy chocolate surrounding that delicious creme filling embedded with actual pieces of Oreo Cookie.

These Eggs Of Deliciousness are available in packs of four. Dangerous! I might will be eating them all!

The Oreo Eggs are available wherever you buy your amazing candy. If you can’t locate them, you can always find them at Walmart — because you can find just about ANYTHING there!

They are decorated in blue and silver, with pretty little snowflakes. Perfect for that holiday stocking!

Via Walmart

I’m betting Santa would like an Oreo Egg left with his (her?) milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. I’m not promising anything, but it just might make him happy enough to pack your stocking FULL!

Via Walmart

You can get your own Oreo Egg Here. You’re welcome.

Via Walmart

Want even more Oreo goodness? Check out this Oreo Peppermint Bark. I may as well just forget my diet exists during this time of edible heaven on earth!

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