This 84-Year-Old Grandmother Is Teaching Pasta Making Classes Straight From Italy

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As a kid, I never knew how grateful it was to get a home cooked meal until I moved out. I grew up in an Italian household and the one thing my apartment lacks, is the smell of Marinara Sauce radiating throughout the house.

It doesn’t surprise me that every time I brought a friend over, each and every one would always say it smells like spices and red sauce!

Although all of my parent’s dishes are absolutely delicious and will make your mouth water, my favorite meal that my mom cooks will never change, and that ladies and gentleman, is classic Italian pasta.

Due to what’s recently been happening, life has been transformed into a virtual reality show. Between home workouts, online book readings and virtual live concerts, this Italian grandmother has found a way to share her cooking skills with the world!

Nonnie Nerina, an 84 year old Italian grandmother, is teaching pasta making classes online! How awesome is that, you go girl!

Nonnie usually teaches the fine art of pasta making in Rome, Italy, but due to the lockdown, she’s had to improvise!


Her pasta making classes are two hours long that also include some insider family recipes!

You can register by setting a date on the calendar and after check out, you will receive a confirmation email regarding ingredients and kitchen supplies you’ll need to buy so you can come fully prepared!

Courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re interested in learning how to make pasta alongside Nonnie and her granddaughter, you can visit her website to book a time. It is a 2-hour class and costs $50.

Courtesy of Airbnb

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