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You Can Get A Beer That Tastes Like Buffalo Wings For That Adventurous Beer Lover

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There is literally a beer that tastes like chicken wings, and I’m not sure whether I’m intrigued or completely grossed out.

Leave it to Texas to come out with such a bold beer flavor.

Martin House Brewing Co., in Fort Worth Texas, has created a beer called Buffalo Wangz, and it is a sour beer.

They say their beer is “literally a Buffalo wing sauce sour beer,” so if you are a fan of Frank’s Red Hot or restaurants like Wingstop, this one is definitely for you!

This Buffalo Wangz beer is 5.2% percent ABV. Most beers are between a 4% and a 7% ABV, so this is a solid middle of the road ABV beer.


Now, this beer is only available if you visit their taproom, so it looks like a road trip is in order. *Smile*

OR — if you know someone who lives in Texas, and they can get you the hookup, you can get a 4-pack of this sour Buffalo Wing Sauce beer for $18.

What do you think? Would YOU like to try this beer?

If you like to try kooky and crazy drinks, they also have a Spicy Pickle beer and a Bloody Mary Pickle beer. I’m just going to pass on those, but you let me know how they are!


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