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You Can Get Yoplait Starburst Yogurt In 4 Different Flavors

My family is a big fan of yogurt. My kids have to have it EVERY morning before school, or the day just isn’t a good one. So, I am really excited to hear that You Can Now Get Yoplait Starburst Yogurt In 4 Different Flavors!

Aside from yogurt, my kids also BEG me — relentlessly — for candy. I mean, it’s a constant thing. “CAN I HAVE CANDY? HOW ABOUT NOW? CAN I HAVE IT NOW?”

The kids will be SO freaking happy to know that their morning yogurt now comes in Starburst flavors! We are talking ALL FOUR original Starbursts fruity flavors — Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon.

They will be even more happy to know that Mom approves of them eating their yogurt, and having their candy at the same time! I mean, this is still the Original Yoplait yogurt that we know and love, it’s just flavored like yummy Starburst candy.

NEW Yoplait Original style yogurt in fan favorite Starburst™ flavors! Available in Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon and Orange, you can now enjoy your favorite candy flavors with your family’s favorite yogurt. Perfect for snacktime burst of fun and flavor.

Via Food 4 Less

Most Instagrammers agree that the Yoplait Starburst Yogurt can be spotted at California chain grocery store, Ralphs. This store is owned by the Kroger Company, so hopefully it will roll out to more stores soon!

I know I can’t wait!! At only 160 calories per container, it will fit really well into most diets!

I bet you could go rogue, and substitute the Yoplait Starburst Yogurt in this recipe for a RASPBERRY GREEK YOGURT SMOOTHIE BOWL. I know I’d try it in a heartbeat!

I, actually can’t wait. Also, I have the eating habits of an 8 year old.