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This Beer Mitten Is The Ultimate Gift For The Person That’s Always Cold

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While searching for unique and interesting Christmas gifts for my family, I came across the Beer Mitten and I have to have one!


I’m not a huge beer drinker, but this can be used for way more than just a cold beer!

It’s especially useful because I’m always freaking cold and this keeps your hands toasty warm while holding on to a cold drink.


The beer mitten will keep your hand nice and toasty warm while you enjoy your favorite cold beverage during the winter months!

It’s the perfect size to hold everything from cans, tallboys, bottles, skinny cans, and even a bottle of water.


It’s perfect for sitting outside on a crisp and cool night while you enjoy a drink with friends, it’s even perfect for taking to outdoor sporting games and other events.


I love that it’s handmade and they have several colors you can choose from.


My mom and I have Raynaud’s syndrome which makes you extremely sensitive to cold temperatures, so if you know someone with that condition they will LOVE one of these.

You can purchase your own Beer Mitten from TheSaltyStitchery on Etsy, while you browse her shop you may want to pick up this possum grocery bag storage as well!


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