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Lace Shorts Are The Hottest Summer Trend Since Men Rompers

It is almost time to start thinking ahead for Summer. I am just day-dreaming of all things warm (like Olaf) and it turns out, we are getting more than just warmer weather…

Hologram City

Lace Shorts Are The Hottest Summer Trend Since Men Rompers. Honestly, I am not sure how to feel.

Hologram City

On one hand, the shorts are super cute and I love the variety of colors but on the other, you can see right through them… yes, undies and all. So, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of wearing shorts at all?

Hologram City

I mean, if you are wanting to spice things up in the bedroom these certainly could be some colorful lingerie. Oh, and don’t worry if the bright colors aren’t your thing, you can also get white and black laced shorts for a more toned down look.

Hologram City

No matter how you feel, this trend is HAPPENING.

In fact, you can head over to the Hologram City website to place an order.

They even have matching lace tops to pair with the lace shorts.

Hologram City

The shorts and tops are each sold separately at $42.00 but ya know, they are lace so why not?

You can order the Men’s Lace Shorts and Tops Here.

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