Wendy’s Breakfast Menu Is Launching Next Month And It Includes A Coffee-Infused Frosty

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Wendy’s has FINALLY announced exactly when we can start enjoying their new delicious BREAKFAST MENU, and I’m so freaking excited!


Drum roll, please — March 2nd is the BIG DAY! *SQUEE*


Of course, they couldn’t announce their new breakfast without a little friendly ribbing at McDonalds! Ha!

This new Wendy’s breakfast menu might just seal the deal on the question of what to have for breakfast!


Seriously. One word. Frosty-ccino. I mean, there are other freaking awesome things on the breakfast menu, but this Frosty-ccino just JUMPS straight off the menu to give me a big ol’ hug.


I wouldn’t go to Wendy’s JUST for the Frosty-ccino — yes I totally would.

Let’s just recap what else you are going to be able to enjoy for breakfast, shall we?

Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich

This is NOT just a traditional fried chicken biscuit. It will be sauced with WHIPPED HONEY BUTTER, and I might already be in love with it! Watch out Chick-fil-A. Wendy’s is coming for you!


Breakfast Baconator Sandwich

If bacon sounds good, this will sound EXTRA good! This sandwich has eight freaking strip of bacon. Eight! There’s also an egg on there, a breakfast sausage patty, two slices of American Cheese, and it’s topped with a swiss cheese Hollandaise sauce! Lord. I need it.



I mean, do these even need explaining? They are spicy, and they are hash browns. And, I’ll take two orders, please!


The Frosty-ccino!

Or, as I call it, MINE! This will be a special Cold-Brew Coffee mixed into either a Chocolate or Vanilla Frosty. Would it be wrong to get one of each in the same order?


Just take all my money, Wendy’s! I know where I’M having breakfast on March 2!

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