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People Are Renting Out Their Pools By The Hour So You Can Go Swimming While Social Distancing

In this age of being stuck at home, I just want to go SOMEWHERE where I can safely enjoy the water and the sun. I am not lucky enough to have a pool at the house, so I have to think a little outside of the box!

Bring on Swimply. It’s being called the “Airbnb of swimming pools,” and it’s totally worth the look.

So, here is how it works. You book a private pool — like, at someone’s house — by the hour.

Seems kinda weird, I know. But, it’s not like you’re hanging out with the pool owner. It is supposed to be a pretty private experience. So, COVID, be damned!

And, you will totally have access to a bathroom. Let me tell you, that’s the FIRST thing I worried about. LOL!

There are over 4500 pools to choose from across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Hey!! This may be the PERFECT time for that Aussie trip you have been DYING to take!!

Pools start at about $45 per hour and go up, depending on amenities. WORTH IT!!

Courtesy of Swimply

You might be wondering about cleanliness of these pools. Not to worry. The CDC has said pools are safe, because the chlorine kills off any coronavirus germies that might be lingering in the water.

Courtesy of Swimply

Swimply takes cleaning and sanitization really seriously, also. The company has, “a whole entire host care team dedicated to working with our hosts, keeping them on top of their regular cleanings.”

So, your safety and health is of the utmost importance to them.

You may check out all the available pools at I just took a look at the website, and I’m already planning my first booking!

Courtesy of Swimply

This is exciting! Happy swimming!