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Miley Cyrus Is Releasing A Rock Album And I Can’t Wait

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Miley Cyrus is shifting from Pop Princess to Rock Goddess with her new studio album, which is set to release November 27th.

She has already debuted a new edgy look, with a shag haircut that is very reminiscent of Pat Benatar of the 1980s.

Recently, we have had the chance to see Miley perform more rock-style songs with “Wish You Were Here” (by Pink Floyd) during a Saturday Night Live at Home performance and “Zombie” (by The Cranberries) at the virtual #SOSFes earlier this year.

Her new style has fans begging for a Miley Cyrus rock album, taking to social media to let her know they love the new music style.

In a hand-written letter, she is letting fans know that she is acquiescing to just that request.

Cyrus had ORIGINALLY planned to release an autobiographical album titled She Is Miley Cyrus. But, as she says, “Noone checks on ego like life itself.”

See, she had been working on her autobiographical album for over TWO YEARS when the fires that plagued California got to her house. She says that “Nature did what I now see as a favor and destroyed what I couldn’t let go of for myself. I lost my house in a fire but found myself in its ashes.”


According to Miley, some of her collaborators still had the recordings she had been working on, but by this time, she no longer felt like she was supposed to release that particular album.


“It never felt right to release ‘my story’…with a huge chapter missing.” — And so, she is giving us Plastic Hearts, her 7th studio album.

It is reportedly going to be a full rock album, which is a complete departure from her usual pop music style. 


Be watching for Plastic Hearts to drop on November 27th. But, as Miley, herself, says, “Well that’s the plan anyway. — Had one of those before … But seriously — it’s really coming.” 


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