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You Can Make Giant Christmas Lollipops From Pool Noodles To Decorate Your Yard For The Holidays

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I am loving seeing all the fun things make for the holidays and my favorite right now are these Giant Christmas Lollipops.


Get this, they are actually made from pool noodles!


Each one of these lollipops is made with just a few supplies and other requiring a bit of a time, they sound super easy to make!


How to Make Giant Christmas Lollipops From Pool Noodles

You will need:


Once you have all your items together, you start by wrapping the duct tape around the pool noodle like shown below.


Then, you will roll the pool noodle into a spiral like a lollipop top. Most people hot glue as they go to help secure it in place. You can also use bamboo skewers to help hold it together too.

You can also use rubber bands to help hold it in place until the hot glue is dried.


Then, make a hole using scissors and glue the PVC pipe into the hole.

Wrap in cello wrap, tie and add a bow. Then stick it into your yard!


Sounds easy enough, right?

Ahhh these are so cute and I am totally making a ton of them this year! The best part is, you can use them all year long!


I found a really great tutorial below. You can watch how it is made here:

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