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1 Simple Trick To Get Your Child to Drink More Water

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It’s no secret that drinking water is essential to our survival. But sometimes getting your kids to drink water is like pulling teeth.

1 Simple Trick to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

As parents we need to ensure our children get enough water during the day and that can be a bit of a challenge especially if they prefer sweet or flavorful drinks.

Again no surprise there since almost every commercial they see is of a kid enjoying an artificially colored and flavored drink that is just loaded with sugar.

So what do you do to ensure your child is getting at least their minimum requirement of water intake each day and staying away from those unhealthy options?

Well, I think I found the solution… Here’s my favorite 1 Simple Trick to Get Your Child to Drink More Water.

1 Simple Trick To Get Your Child to Drink More Water

Before I share my super simple trick with you, I want to express my understanding from one parent to another. The struggle of getting our kids to eat or drink anything we want them to is a constant STRUGGLE.

I think if my son ever ate a piece of broccoli after the first time I asked him to, (or even ate it on his own) I’d probably faint!

The truth is, kids love to push our buttons and since they are so cute we sometimes encourage them to do so (you know this is also true). So, we have to get creative which brings me to my point…

We have to make things FUN! That includes the way we present food and drinks.

So, what is my simple trick for getting your child to drink more water? Make it FUN to drink.

Now you may be thinking, “How am I supposed to make something that is colorless and tasteless fun?”

And there is so many ways to answer that.

You can play a game, sing a song, use a bit of food coloring to color the water, add a bit of kool-aid to the mix, add fresh fruit to the water or even put it in a fun cup. I could go on and on but the message is still the same…Make it fun!

For my kids, one thing I did was get them all new water bottles. They love filling them up and they feel special because it’s their own water bottle they got to help pick out.

My kids really love their Hydroflask water bottles. High quality and they keep their water cold all day (plus, they are spill proof too!).

Think of the last time you really (really) wanted your child to do something. Didn’t you bust out the old bribery card and tell them that if they did this, they could get that? Yep, it’s time to play that game.

I am not saying to spoil your child or go overboard. I am simply saying that if a kid see’s something that is fun they will naturally want to play, eat, or even drink it.

So have fun with drinking more water as a family! Need some more ideas? Here are 10 ways to get your child to drink more water.

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