Make And Use A Honey Jar Love Spell Container

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How to Make and Use a Honey Jar Spell

Life is usually sweet and plentiful, but every once and awhile, there could be a little more sweetness. Enter the honey jar. A greater feeling to the feeling, a sweetening of the emotions we feel every day.

This is where a honey jar (sometimes called a sweetening jar) comes into play. Honey jars were created and have become popular because of their ability to enhance the emotion felt in everyday life.

They make emotions and feelings more potent and heightened. They’ve become one of the most popular methods over the last few years to cast spells and sweeten the essence of life.

Here’s how to use a glass jar as classic honey jars to cast jar spells.

Using Honey Jars for A Sugar Jar Spell

Honey jars aren’t just used to hold honey sticks or for your midday snacks.

There is a long and rich history of using the jars for the purposes of folk magic and spell-casting. All the way back to the pioneer days.

People use honey jars, or sweetening jars, because of their association with sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, simple syrup, and other sweeteners.

These are key ingredients in many spells which promote and enhance feelings of love, kindness, joy, harmony, and goodwill.

Although these spells cannot create feelings where none exist, they are the best for heightening them, sweetening them. These ingredients work because of their literalness. That is, because they are sweet and enhance flavor when you add and combine them together.

They create feelings of sweetness in the person they’re intended for. These people become more kind, tender, loving, and harmonious when you use these ingredients in the proper way.

Your Honey Jar

Just because you’re using honey jars to create your spells, doesn’t mean you need to use honey to create the final mixture.

You can use any sweet ingredients, like sugar, in place of the honey, if you find it too messy or sticky for your liking. Sugar is also less expensive than honey and often more maneuverable, but feel free to use any ingredients you see fit to form the base of your concoction.

There are many reasons to use honey jars and sweetening bottles for these spells. 

You can “customize” your jar to your liking as well. Creating one which better represents you so that you’ll be a kinder and gentler person. Or you can create one which marks an occasion, like an anniversary.

Some people have even created one to resemble authority figures like a boss, judge, or client to favor you for any number of reasons. However you choose the basics of your jar, the actual jar-making process is quite simple.

Here’s a step by step guide on making your own honey jars.

Write a Petition For Your Honey Jar

When writing petition papers to place in your honey jar, you should follow a specific format.

First, write the name of the specific person who will be affected by the jar.

Next, turn the paper ninety degrees and write your own name on top of the name you’ve already written. If you want the jar to affect you then you can skip this step.

In modern times, many people use a pencil for the first name and a more permanent solution – like pen or marker – for the second.

This is thought to work more effectively because the more permanent ink will exert a stronger influence over the weaker pencil. After you’ve written both names, in whichever writing material you choose, draw a magical circle around the names. When you draw this circle, take care not to lift the pen from the paper.

You can use any chant you’d like for this, such as “love and blessings.” After you’re finished writing the petition, anoint it with oil and fold it toward you.

Now, turn the paper ninety degrees again and fold it toward yourself again. The petition is now ready to be placed within your honey jar.

There are many different types of jars you can choose from – really, any jar will work for this spell, just as long as you have a metal and heatproof lid so you can burn candles in the jar.

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Sweetening Agent and Other Ingredients

After you’ve placed your petition in the jar, you can now add your sweetening agent, along with roots, herbs, and curios which are appropriate for the situation at hand.

If you aren’t sure which of these to add, you can always check online to learn about the different magical properties of these items.

My favorite sweetening agent is organic honey, but I find that any raw honey works really well. You don’t need the highest quality of honey in order for this spell to work it’s magick. I sometimes even just use the honey pot or glass honey containers as a small honey jar.

The classic glass honey jars or even the glass honey bears make super cute sweetening jars if you choose to display yours.

Now, you should have a jar filled with a sweetening agent, roots, herbs, curios, and the petition you’ve written. Make sure the petition is completely covered and be sure not to eat the sweetening agent you’ve added.

You can sometimes safely eat what you’ve dropped into the jar, but it’s better not to risk eating anything poisonous or something which won’t agree with you.

Again, it’s possible that the contents of the jar are safe to eat, but you want to be absolutely certain of this before you decide to eat what’s inside your honey jar.

Adding a Flame To your Honey Jar

Now you have a choice to make. You could stop and simply use your honey jar by thinking, manifesting and stating your intentions.

Many today are choosing this route, but there is a more traditional method you can also use if you choose to. In the olden days, a candle was placed in the honey jar in order to imbue the magical properties of fire into your jar and its magic.

The fire also makes a superb focal point for you to focus on as you pray and charge up the magical properties of the jar. 

Another important thing, If you choose to use a candle, you’ll want to choose one which resonates you and you feel a close, personal connection to.

The color and scent should be specifically chosen to appeal to you above all else. Now light the candle and you’re done!…sort of.

Honey jars and their magic are meant to be worked with for many months, and some even work with them for several years.

Set up your jar on an alter or dedicated working space to keep an eye on it and keep its magic working for a long time to come. 

You can also customize the schedule for which you meditate over your jar and keep its magic working.

Finally, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the way your wax melts and the way the flame burns from your candle, as these are two of the most used methods for confirmation that the magic is working and you should keep up your incantations and affections.

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