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When is Starbucks Red Cup Day?

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It’s that time of the year where we start to ask ourselves about Starbucks famous red cups.

As we move into Christmas, we wonder when the coffee chain will hand out their free red reusables which ultimately begins the start of the holiday season.

And considering there’s nothing better than the word free, except if you add Starbucks at the end of it, here’s when we count on the coffee giant releasing their red cups again.

Thanks to @kordeen53 who’s video went viral on TikTok after showing inside intel on Starbucks red cups, we now know when the hot cups will finally release this winter.

The video which has gained nearly 40k likes and for good reason, the video shows a few seconds of a collection of Starbuck boxes with a large red sticker stuck to every box.

Courtesy of @kordeen53

The red sticker which read “No Peeking!” in capital letters with “Anticipation is half the fun.” at the bottom, we can assume that these boxes hold the beloved red cups!

Courtesy of @kordeen53

Now of course we don’t get to see the famous red cups but it is rumored to look like this photo below:

Courtesy of @mama_satin_linin

And although we don’t get to see the festive red cups yet, spoiler alert, we do know the release date at least!

Starbucks will release the red cups on November 17th this holiday season!

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