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This Guy Made A Monster Energy Drink Pie and the Internet Is Frightened

If it’s your first time baking, you can never go wrong with a pie.

Making a standard pie like pumpkin or even cherry is safe to say that the baking part is well, easy as pie.

A standard pie usually starts off with the typical ingredients such as eggs or milk, until one TikToker nixed the essentials that make up a basic pie recipe and replaced them with an energy drink!

TikTok creator @KITCHENTOOL baked a pie that went viral for one outstanding reason that makes his pie, different from the rest.

And that’s including a can of Monster on his ingredient list!

Courtesy of Amazon

Rather than drinking the Pacific Punch Monster, this TikToker poured an entire 16 ounce can into a pre-made pie crust which shocked the internet.

While one TikToker wrote, “Who hurt you”, another commented about the concerning sugar levels in the pie, “Glad you added that cup of sugar, the 150g from the 2 monsters wasn’t enough.”

Courtesy of @KITCHENTOOL

Although a Monster energy drink wasn’t the only “ingredient” that consumed this interesting pie, 1 cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch were also added to the mix.

A frozen stick of butter was then grated on top.

Courtesy of @KITCHENTOOL

Baked at 400° for 35 minutes and reducing the heat at 30 minutes to 375°, the pie was ready to be served.

Towards the end of the video, the TikToker cut a slice to show the inside of the filling to the camera.

Courtesy of @KITCHENTOOL

However, the film ended before the creator tasted the slice.

Although it’s safe to say that if you are a beginner baker, you probably shouldn’t use a can of Monster as your base; points for creativity though!

Courtesy of @KITCHENTOOL