Here’s What You Need To Do If You Have Not Received Your $1,200 Check

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Have you been stalking your bank account to see if your stimulus check has arrived? Me too.

Many families are waiting for their stimulus checks to arrive to help with simple things like groceries and bills.

With social distancing being in full affect, many have lost their jobs or have had to take a temporary leave, making this check crucial to some.

The IRS has now created a tool to allow you to put in your direct deposit information and banking information to ensure a faster way to receive your stimulus check.

This is for those that usually owe money for their taxes or for those that need to update their information. The tool gives you the status of your stimulus check as well.

This tool will ask you personal information in order to ensure they give you the correct amount based on your income.

If you didn’t file taxes in 2018 or 2019, you will have to fill out a filing requirement to receive your payment.

You can also visit the Economic Impact Payments Information Center if you have further concerns about your stimulus check. There are able to answer any questions you many have!

Go to the IRS Stimulus Check Tool and update your payment preference and click “Get My Payment”. Be patient as the site is loading slow with so many trying to get on it.

We hope this helps many of you get your payment quickly and that it helps you during this trying time. Stay safe out there.

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  1. We have not received our stimulus payment yet. There is my husband, myself & our 14 yr old daughter. We filed through Turbo Tax the past 4-5 yrs. When will we be getting ours?

  2. We had to pay on our 2019 taxes. So we did not have a refund. We paid an was already cashed by US Treasury and we do receive Soc Sec monthly.
    Do we have to do anything or just be patient an check will show up?

  3. I am married with 3 bio kids and a foster. My oldest turned 18 in sept and we claim him but he files also. Now we recieved 34 and I know we dont get for him cause he is over the age but would he get his own stimulus and do we not recieve for the foster? Or is the limit 2 adults 2 kids?

  4. My Mom didn’t have to file in 2018 or 2019. but she is retired and on social security. They say that if you are on social security and receive a check by direct deposit your will get a check, but it also says that if you didn’t have to file in the last two years, you do have to fill out more info? Which one applies here?

  5. I’m on ssi & ssd do I need to file anything?

  6. If I’m owed back child support and my ex hasn’t filed income tax returns in years , where does his stimulus check go since he isn’t supposed to get it?

  7. Want to see if I’m getting the check 1200 ? Was it sent out to me yet ?

      1. Like to find out if I am getting a check for me and my 2 kids.

    1. My 2018 income taxes were sent to savings no longer have sent 2019 to checking got it already want to know if. The stimulus chk well go in my checking

  8. Want to see if I’m getting the check 1200 ?

  9. My husband is deceased and I received a.
    Check for 2400. Can I keep it

  10. I have filed my taxes every year through h&r block. I tried to get on to put my information in and it can’t find me. Why can’t I get on and I still have not got it

  11. I am unemployed for 3yrs ..claimed az a dependant this year but no other years .am I eligible for the stimulus

    1. i am single divorced parent with a child 17 year old and have not file taxes in awhile not working only get child support . i am eligible for the stimulus

  12. I filed taxes in 2018 not 2019 is there a way to enter your 2018 return to file for it

  13. I made 19,000 have 2 kids age 12 and 7 and still havent received mine. Tried to get on site for past 2 days kicks me out says info is wrong or cant find me. Done filed taxes this year and got them back in February. What is going on?

  14. I have full custory of my 10 year old granddaughter my daughters child will I get the 500 for her

  15. I was able to update the banking information got the confirmation that my deposit would be direct deposited into the account I provided. Trying to get a date for the direct deposit and keep getting an error message the information is not correct when I received confirmation of my banking information what’s the next step to find out about direct deposit date. I was one of the fliers that filed with H&R Block with the Cash Advance

  16. I got a stimulus check on April 15th but I only got $1200. I calculated and should have gotten $2400. I make under $15,000 yearly and am still working. I have two kids ages 19 and 8.

    1. You won’t get anything for the 19 yo. Dependent age limit is 17.

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