LEGO Released A Huge Harry Potter Diagon Alley Set, Accio It To Me!

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Ahhhh I need to figure out a way to make some extra moolah in the next few hours! Why? Because LEGO Is Releasing A Huge Harry Potter Diagon Alley Set Tonight!!


The new Harry Potter LEGO release is the 75978 Diagon Alley set which is among the biggest LEGO sets ever produced. Get this, it is 5544 pieces!!

Basically, you could get yourself this and work on it for the rest of the year! Talk about a total destresser (which I am in need of these days).

Tap a brick in the wall behind the Leaky Cauldron pub and enter the world of Diagon Alley™, where wizards and witches find their potions and Hogwarts students stock up on school supplies like cauldrons, broomsticks and of course, wands. Measuring over a meter wide, this epic model is filled with authentic movie details and a menagerie of 14 minifigures, including four exclusive new characters!


According to the LEGO website, this is also the most detailed LEGO set yet.

Fans of Harry Potter™ will love discovering the magnificent window displays and intriguing interiors of Diagon Alley™, London’s most magical secret shopping street. This remarkable set captures incredible detail from many of the Harry Potter™ films and can be built four different ways, including closed into a real alley for role-playing stories filled with intrigue and mystery. It’s also compatible with the LEGO® Modular Buildings series, for even more world-building fun.


To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a LEGO set so bad in my life. Think I can convince my husband to get it for me as an early Christmas gift?

As of right now, the Harry Potter Diagon Alley LEGO Set is exclusive to the LEGO store. It officially launches September 1st so you’ll want to stay up late if you want to get your hands on one. Rumors are, it will launch at 12am EST (9pm PST August 31st) and they will sell out fast!

It will cost $399.99 + tax.


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