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New Details Were Just Released About Brian Laundrie’s Behavior When Gabby Petito Went Missing

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As time goes on, we are learning more about what happened before and after Gabby Petito was reported missing. After all, this timeline is crucial in determining whether or not Brian Laundrie was the one who murdered her.

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Many people (including myself) do believe that Brian killed Gabby and have been wondering how nobody could notice certain things about Brian such as his behavior, that may have led police to finding Gabby sooner.


Well, as of today, New Details Have Been Released About Brian Laundrie’s Behavior When Gabby Petito Went Missing.

According to reports, a source close told police that Brian left behind his wallet and cell phone when he was last seen departing his parents’ home a few weeks ago.


And honestly, that little detail has been my question since his disappearance – how is Brian affording the basics like food, water and shelter while he is on the run? I can’t imagine he is that skilled to live on the wilderness for this long.

And honestly, who leaves their home without their phone and wallet these days? NOBODY!

The FBI did say they issued an arrest warrant for him but it wasn’t related to Gabby Petito’s murder, it was actually related to him using a debit card and pin that didn’t belong to him after her death.


“It is my understanding that the arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie is related to activities occurring after the death of Gabby Petito and not related to her actual demise,” Steve Bertolino said in a statement. “The FBI is focusing on locating Brian and when that occurs the specifics of the charges covered under the indictment will be addressed in the proper forum.”


So, does that mean he was using Gabby’s debit card and pin? And where is Gabby’s phone? Does he have that too?

There is still so much missing from the story and honestly, Brian just needs to be found, detained and questioned so Gabby can receive justice.

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