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NBC Is Working On A ‘Night Court’ Sequel With John Larroquette And I Am So Excited!

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I’m probably aging myself HARD right now, but ‘Night Court’ was one of the best television shows of the 80s! This was a show that we watched together as a family and it was hilarious!


‘Night Court’ aired for 9 seasons from 1984-1992 on NBC and it was a huge hit that a lot of people seemed to forget about.


Harold “Harry” T. Stone was the best judge ever and his character was played by Harry Anderson who sadly passed in 2018. He also had a reoccurring role on another favorite of mine, “Cheers”.


The new ‘Night Court’ will feature a character named Abby Stone, who is Harry’s daughter. She will be filling the shoes of her father as a judge in her own night court.

John Larroquette will reprise his original Emmy-winning role and he’ll also produce the new show. Melissa Rauch from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will executive produce.

John Larroquette won four Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Emmys for his role on ‘Night Court’. I can not wait to see that character return to television!


Were you a fan of the original ‘Night Court’ television series? Are you as excited as me to see what they do with this? I’m hoping that it is every bit as awesome as the original and doesn’t suck!

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