You Can Download All Of Your Facebook Content. Here’s How To Do It.

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I’ve been seeing more and more people get their Facebook accounts removed lately with no reason or warning. Some of these have been restored, but it still made me worry because I’ve had Facebook since like the beginning. There is soooo much I want to remember.

There are so many photos, videos, and memories from statuses. I don’t want to lose that due to some accidental removal of my account.

Like maybe I share the wrong thing and BOOM, everything is gone even that photo of a tasty burrito. So today I started the process to download all of my content.

It’s super simple and I can walk you through it step-by-step because I’m sure you don’t want to lose precious memories either. Or maybe you just want to remove Facebook because it is a huge time suck or it stresses you out, whatever your reasons are, you can save your memories, so let’s do this.

The first thing you need to do is click on that little downward arrow that is all the way to the right of the screen. See it in the image above near the “?” mark?

Once you click the arrow it will take you to the page you see above. Click on “Your Facebook Information”. It is the 3rd option down on the left of the screen.

Now you need to click on the 3rd option down where it says “Download Your Information”. You can see this in the photo above. Just click where it says view.

In the image above it says “A copy of your information is being created”, this is because I set mine up earlier today and it is currently processing. But on this page is where you can choose which things you want to save. You will set it to “All of my data”, “HTML”, and “High” for the quality.

Once you have chosen which items you want to save, click where it says “Create File”. When the file is ready, Facebook will notify you by email so that you can go download it.

I have no idea how long it will take because I have years worth of stuff on there. I’m sure it will take several days, so you should go get it started right now. Save all of those memories! You never know what may happen, I would rather take care of it now than lose them all.

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