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Farting Leprechaun Books Are The Silly Humor Kids Need This St. Patrick’s Day

You can get a St. Patrick’s Day book about farting leprechauns, because nothing else will make a kid laugh more than toots.


Shoot, I don’t know an adult alive who won’t chuckle and smirk at a little gaseous humor — I’m looking at you, Grandma.

But, who knew farting leprechauns were even a thing!


I’m perplexed. Do they toot colorful rainbows? Pots of Gold? Four leaf clovers? Clouds of green magic dust?

Leprechauns are full of mischief, fun, and apparently a lot of gas. Will their toots get them caught this St. Patrick’s Day?

I guess we’ll just have to read the stories to find out.


Check out these Farting Leprechaun books:

Farting Leprechaun Books