You Can Grab a 3-Pound Bag of Andes Mints on Amazon

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No more begging for more mints from your Olive Garden waiter/waitress because now You Can Grab a 3-Pound Bag of Andes Mints on Amazon and everything just seems right in the world.

Mint and chocolate combine to make these drool-worthy (and dream worthy) candies and when you can’t seem to get enough, this 3-pound bag will surely do the trick.

According to the description:

Refreshing green mints sandwiched in between two dark chocolate layers.

The smooth blend of milk and chocolate is the number one after dinner mint.

Um, duh – of course these are the number one after dinner mint – they are delicious.

Heck, sometimes I just enjoy them for dinner (sorry, not sorry).

Snag yourself this 3-pound bag and never worry about having to share your andes mints again (but you have plenty if you truly want to).

And if you can’t get enough, make sure you check out the new Kit-Kat Dark Chocolate and Mint Bars – they are so good!

Oh and we totally have the best recipe for Andes Mint Cupcakes – just saying!

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