Move Over Andes Mints, KitKat Dark Chocolate And Mint Bars Are Coming

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I dare you to name one combination more made for each other than mint and chocolate.

Okay, you probably immediately thought “peanut butter and jelly” but it’s not as nearly as delicious as mint and chocolate.

And I am seriously in excitement because KitKat is releasing KitKat Mint and Dark Chocolate Duos and it’s basically the perfect candy ever.

Sorry, Andes Mints, your time has come – a new perfect duo is in town!

Credit: Food Beast

My favorite candy bar is probably the KitKat.

It is just the right ratio of chocolate and crunch. I use my cheat days to crunch into one of these bad boys. It’s my guilty pleasure, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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And honestly, now that dark chocolate and mint will be thrown in the mix (probably literally) I cannot even imagine what will happen to my cheat days. They’ll probably be more like cheat weeks.

I can only imagine biting into this dark chocolate crunch, and then getting a rush of cooling mint.

Originally, this release of the new KitKat flavor was a rumor.

The rumor mill was going strong today. Markie Devo, of Minterviews, shared a post on Instagram that has turned the chocolate and mint worlds on their heads.

But thankfully, it’s not just a rumor…

These babies will be released this December 2019!

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December can not get here soon enough! I’d love to break off a piece of this amazing Duo.

Yes, I know, a long time to wait but in the meantime, enjoy these mint chocolate cupcakes

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  1. A duo? Peanut butter and chocolate! That Probably would taste like the nutty bars that Little Debbie puts out.

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