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Grape Punch Pickle Beer Is A Thing And I Have To Try It!

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Remember when the Best Maid Pickle Beer came out?

I ran right out and bought both flavors to try and it was so good!

Perfect for a hot summer day, now I’m not going to lie and say I could drink several of them, but one or two sure did hit the post.

Now Martin House Brewing Company, the same company responsible for pickle beer, brings us something new and even more unique.

The Grape Punch Pickle Beer is coming and this unique flavor is totally inspired by the southern tradition of “koolickles” or Kool-aid pickles.

Martin House Brewing Company

It’s an odd-sounding thing… pickles and kool-aid, but it is strangely addictive and tasty!

The new Grape Punch Pickle Beer takes the Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer and combines it with grape punch flavor for a perfect ending to summer!

When it comes to pickles, Best Maid is the best choice, so there is no question why Martin House Brewing Company chose their pickle juice to use in these creations.

The Grape Punch Pickle Beer has 6.5% Alcohol by Volume.

This is a limited-time beer release and will be distributed starting this week (I get mine at Kroger).

If you are close to the Martin House Brewing Company here in Texas, you can go ahead and grab a 4 pack to-go in the taproom.

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