Starbucks Toffeenut Latte Creamer Is Hitting Shelves Soon And I Can’t Wait

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Starbucks Coffee is coming out with a Toffeenut Latte creamer.

Photo Credit Starbucks

They just keep coming out with more things I need for my morning coffee. Ha! That’s hilarious. Let’s get real, I don’t just drink coffee in the morning.

First, they brought out THREE delicious creamers: Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and White Chocolate Mocha. All three of which I have owned.

Photo Credit Starbucks

Now they are bringing out a Toffeenut Latte, and I’m going to have to add a FOURTH coffee creamer to my refrigerator! These are, legit, FOUR of my FAVORITE flavors available at Starbucks.

This Toffeenut Latte is supposed to come out in 2020, and I couldn’t be more ready.

Luckily, this Toffeenut Latte creamer is hitting shelves just in time for the dreary months of winter. January always starts the bitter cold months, and I can’t think of a BETTER way to warm up, from the inside out.

The taste of this Toffeenut Latte creamer is the PERFECT combination of sweet and nutty. Seriously, have you HAD the Toffeenut Latte from Starbucks? It is, OMG good.

This would be so incredibly good with a shot of whipped cream on top! Can you even imagine?

Absolutely dreamy, steamy, and oh-so creamy. I can NOT wait until January, when this creamer hits the shelves.

I’ve already got my favorite mug ready! It’s going to be an EPIC January.

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