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You Can Get A Harry Potter Candle Filled With Hogwarts Jewelry, Accio One To Me!

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I am SUCH a huge Potterhead. I am always looking for new Harry Potter themed items to try. So far on this quest, I have found this Harry Potter Advent Calendars, Frappuccinos, Bath Bombs, and Candles!


But this newest discovery has made it SO HARD to not buy every single item they have. And you’re about to see why.

Charmed Aroma

Charmed Aroma has come out with an entire line of Harry Potter Candles, each with a different theme and surprise jewelry piece! This one above features rings that go along with many of the main storylines within the books/movies.

Charmed Aroma

They even have individual Hogwarts House candles with specific scents and jewelry to match your House of choice. I am a Slytherin, so of course, I had to showcase mine! (sorry not sorry!)

Charmed Aroma

This Dark Arts Ring Collection might be my favorite! First of all, the cauldron candle in itself is amazing! And then the rings that you can get from it are just GORGEOUS!

Charmed Aroma

All of the jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver and quality metals that will be able to withstand time. I have bought from some “surprise candles” in the past that made my finger turn green. Not fun.

Charmed Aroma

According to their site:

Immerse yourself in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with your own jewelry candle. Featuring a one-of-a-kind Harry Potter lid, light this candle and enjoy a wonderous scent. When you’ve finished burning, find a solid 925 Sterling Silver Harry Potter ring inside! As a bonus, re-use the iconic Harry Potter candle lid or keep as a unique collectors item.

Charmed Aroma

There are so many options that it is impossible to just pick one…believe me, I’ve been trying! They also have other candles that aren’t Harry Potter themed, and bath bombs too! Be sure to check out Charmed Aroma!

Charmed Aroma

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