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Target Is Selling An LED Floating Pool Float So You Can Take Up Night Swimming

Who knew you could get a color changing air mattress? But I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t the type of air mattress you sleep on…

Courtesy of Target

This inflatable is a clear pool float and it’s powered by interchangeable, multi-colored LED lights.

Courtesy of Walmart

One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is to go night swimming when I get the chance and this color changing pool float, just heightened that experience. 

There’s something about night swimming that’s just so calming when you’re floating in the water, gazing up at the stars and hearing the crickets chirp.

Okay, my happy place daze is over, now let’s talk about this Pool Central Inflatable Air Raft. 

The inflatable itself, requires 3 Triple A Batteries and they’re included for your first trial run. The color changing effect (the best part about this float) switches between red, green, pink, blue and purple.

Courtesy of Target

There’s also an on/off switch located inside of the pool float valve and finally, your LED lights are located on the sides of the pool float; so while you’re laying directly in the middle, there’s no chance that you’ll cover any of the blinking lights by mistake.

Of course there’s also a headrest included, because I don’t know any other pool float that wouldn’t include one for ultimate relaxation.

Target is currently selling this pool float online for around $33 and you can have it shipped to your house by next week if you order it today!

Happy night swimming!