You Can Get A Vitamin C Infused Shower Head For The Perfect Spa Day At Home

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What helps me wake up in the morning other than coffee, is a hot shower to start my day.

Vitamin C is known for hair growth right? Well, there’s a product that conveniently combines your shower head and your daily dose of Vitamin C, nixing the dropper all together!

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Cool right? I thought so too and you can get it off Amazon, easy enough!

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This shower head dispenses Vitamin C while your taking a shower and removes harsh chemicals from hard water such as chlorine.

The product description also mentions improvement with hair loss, nails and hydrates skin with micro nozzle sprayer jets to also increase water pressure.

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So what I’m hearing is that this shower head gives you your own personal spa at home!

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There are three parts to this shower head. One for the scented filter cartridge, two for the negative ion balls with tourmaline stone and three, a place for the zeolite mineral stones.

You can also replace the Vitamin C aroma card at anytime with either Jasmine, Rose or Lavender.

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Image taking a lavender infused shower, just be careful not to fall asleep while standing!

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Oh, and if this shower head wasn’t already near perfect, it also has a universal fit to any standard overhead shower arm.

You can purchase your own “in home spa” shower head for just 40 dollars on Amazon, versus over 100 dollars you would originally spend at the spa!

Courtesy of Amazon

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