This Inflatable Gingerbread Archway Is the Perfect Way to Greet Guests for The Holidays

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We all know that first impressions are important.

And if you’re looking to impress guests for your holiday party before they even walk in the door, this inflatable decoration will do just the trick.

Thanks to Walmart, you can now get an inflatable gingerbread archway to greet guests while hosting your holiday party this year.

What is the perfect way to decorate the front of your home, this Christmas inflatable is not only intended to show guests where the party is, but will also bring holiday cheer right at your front doorstep.

Courtesy of Walmart

Decorated just like a gingerbread house (as if you made it yourself), you can count on this inflatable to feature two smiling gingerbread men.

And let’s not forget about the sweet details that decorate this Christmas archway such as the sprinkled covered roof, peppermints for show, and the candy cane ledge on the front window.

Courtesy of Walmart

Standing at 11 feet tall, this Christmas inflatable also lights up because how else will your party guests and Santa, find your home?

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently find the holiday decorated archway at Walmart to decorate for the holiday season.

Now all we need is a gingerbread kit to frost and decorate because who else is in the mood to build your own gingerbread home for the holiday season?

Courtesy of Walmart

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