School Supplies Middle Schoolers Won’t Tear Up

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This post has been sponsored by FIVE STAR® School Supplies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My daughter is rough on school supplies. It’s not that she tries to be, it’s just that her stuff is going in and out of her locker, tossed to the side during choir and band practice, and hauled around in a backpack. So, when I am shopping for her supplies, if there is a FIVE STAR version of whatever I am buying, I buy that. Why? Because I KNOW it’s not going to break.

My daughter is tough on school supplies


I learned that for myself in college, and now that I have a middle schooler, FIVE STAR is THE name I trust most when it comes to school supplies.

Her favorite is this Five StarFlex® Hybrid Notebinder® .

Five Star Binder Hybrid

Basically, it’s thin and flexible like a spiral.

five star binder

AND it has rings like a binder so you can add stuff.

binder rings for five star

Oh, and it comes with paper AND dividers. The good plastic ones that actually last.

good plastic rings that last

My middle schooler INSISTS on only using notebook paper with reinforced holes. I didn’t even know this was a thing and am totally jealous. I just think about how many times I have accidentally torn paper out of bingers.

five star paper with reinforced holes

She’s SMART, and she’s so right! Five Star® College Ruled Reinforced Filler Paper os the very best, because it’s reinforced along the whole edge, and not JUST around the holes.

five star reinforced holes

This year for some reason they needed a PILE of spiral notebooks.

I asked H which kind she wanted, and she assured me that the Five Star® College Ruled Interactive Notebook was the ONLY way to go. She said that their plastic covers are thick and they last the entire life of the notebook.

She also likes that they come with a little plastic folder in the front and have a “table of contents” so she can keep her notes super organized. This kid is crazy organized, she did NOT get that from me!

And of course, we can’t forget the zipper binder. Y’all– If your kid needs a zipper binder, the Five Star® 3-Inch Binder with Removable Padded Case IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Let me say that again… FIVE STAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO.

Everything else we have tried ends up ripping open when it gets too full. And we have tried a lot of other zipper binders.

And it doesn’t hurt at all that the zipper binders are CUTE, too! Oh, and they have a super cool carrying strap AND a handle. You get to decide which way you want to carry them.

carrying strap





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