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These Tiny Ramen Refrigerator Magnets Are Perfect For The Person Who Loves Ramen

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I love tiny things, it’s sort of an obsession I guess… like the tiny dragons!

I just found the most adorable and tiny Ramen themed magnets and I have to order them!

They are 3 dimensional and so realistic!


The ramen magnets are made of PVC and have a strong magnet to hold your most important refrigerator art and lists.

They’re super fun to look at and also serve a purpose so you can feel good about treating yourself to them, I mean we all need magnets on the fridge right?


The ramen magnets come with 3 in a set and are made in different colors and styles, and all of them look very realistic.

I cant believe how real those are, and they are so cute and tiny. My fridge board looks like a little japanese food show now haha

bixi – Amazon customer review

You don’t have to limit their use to only the refrigerator, you can totally use them in the office and any other place you want to add some whimsical miniature fun.

They’ll stick to any metal surface, so they are definitely not limited to just kitchen use.


One person in the review section said they actually purchased these for their child to use as dishes in their dollhouse!


Ok, so I purchased these not as refrigerator magnets but as dishes to be used for my daughter’s dollhouse set. I almost wanted to keep them for the fridge instead. These things are incredibly detailed and the depth of detail is astonishing. When you look at them closely you can see all the details of every ingredient in the bowl. It passed my daughter’s standards for being “doll-house worthy” with flying colors. If you order these, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised. These are truly treasures.

FriscoDad – Amazon customer review

You can buy your own set of tiny Ramen magnets on Amazon!


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