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I know how to write, and that’s a good skill to have.

But–I’ve always wished I could draw.

Sure, I can draw a flamingo, and I can write tempera paint a sign with the best of them. But, that’s really the extent of it.

The thing is, I am SO jealous of people have that talent. (For the record, I know they still have to practice, but I don’t think you can LEARN to draw if the base skill isn’t there.)

I have a friend who can draw–I mean REALLY draw. I watch her across the table when she’s doodling, and it’s fascinating to me the way she draws each part of a picture and brings it all together as a whole.

Today her wedding invitations came in the mail.

Yeah–she drew them herself.

Grr. I love/hate her SO much!

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    1. @@jmartinlibrary, for reals! I thought I was going to get to go without the kid, but she’s been dressed as a superhero since we got the invites… so that’s probably out. 🙂

  1. I am also officially jealous of those wedding invites! Hey, so on a different topic: Please accept this blog award from me! You will find it at the top post over at my blog

    It’s because you really are Totally THE BOMB, and because WriteOnCon ROCKED!


  2. Those are too awesome! I love unique wedding invites.

    I would also adore the ability to draw something that looks like the product of an actual adult, but sadly, it’s not happening.

  3. Oh, man, tell me about it. I write PBs (as well as MG and YA), and I SO wish that I could illustrate them, too! I just have this niggling feeling that it would make it easier to break into the market, you know?

    And those are the coolest wedding invitations in the universe. I love that they inspired your daughter! LOL!

  4. Those are awesome! While I love writing and wouldn’t give up the talent for it for anything, I’d love to be able to draw or paint too!

    1. @Sherrie Petersen, I know, right? They’re so awesome my daughter has been dressed as a super hero ALL DAY!

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