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You Can Take A Shelter Dog Out On A Field Trip, And This Is Such A Sweet Idea

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There is a program that lets you take a field trip with a shelter dog — like, take it out into the real world for a day — and it’s the best idea ever!

You totally get your doggo fix, and a shelter dog gets a fun day away from doggie jail at the same time. Everyone wins, here!

Kaua’i Humane Society

As you can imagine, after being cooped up in a shelter kennel, the dogs LOVE their time in the wild.

Taking the dog out of the shelter and allowing him or  her to have a fun day is incredibly beneficial to the dog’s mental health, it often helps the dog get adopted, and most importantly, we get to learn more about the dog’s true behavior.

Kaua’i Humane Society

This is just about the sweetest program ever!

Kaua’i Humane Society

The “Field Trips for Shelter Dogs” program is dedicated to the memory of Jian Mehta, a 23-year-old missionary who passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2018.

Jian spent his life sharing his love of animals and his religious beliefs with others around the world.

Kaua’i Humane Society

To honor his passion, we hope you will dedicate time on your trip to help Kauai’s shelter dogs get some exercise and a little sunshine.

Kaua’i Humane Society

How Does The “Field Trips For Shelter Dogs” Program Work?

It’s pretty simple.

Kaua’i Humane Society

You just schedule a time, then the staff at the shelter will match you with the perfect dog for your personality and the type of field trip you want to take.

Just let me take all the doggos, right?!?

Kaua’i Humane Society

You might be wondering where the heck you should take your dog on their field trip for the day.

Well, this “Field Trips For Shelter Dogs” program is on one of the Hawaiian islands, so there are PLENTY of gorgeous places you can visit.

Kaua’i Humane Society

You can take the dog for a walk on one of the beaches, go visit the Wailua Arboretum, or take it to one of the many trails around the island.

A fun day with a dog AND a beautiful Hawaiian island? Um, yes please!

Kaua’i Humane Society

The shelter does ask for a $40 donation in order to take the dogs out for the day.

Your $40 doesn’t go to waste. It is used to make sure all the “dogs have everything they need while waiting for their forever homes.”

Kaua’i Humane Society

What Happens If You Fall In Love With Your Dog?

There are choices, friend.

First, you can adopt the dog, and take it home to the mainland with you.

Kaua’i Humane Society

But, sometimes this just isn’t possible. There’s more ways to help your pup.

You can purchase shelter merch, which helps curb the price of sending dogs to the mainland where they can have a better chance at finding their fur-ever homes.

Kaua’i Humane Society

There is also the chance to actually fly the dog to the mainland, so you can be with it to help in the transition to a rescue shelter.

You can help by purchasing travel crates and other supplies that the shelter needs to help keep the dogs comfortable.

Kaua’i Humane Society

Finally, you can donate to the cause. They can always use money!

As if I needed a reason to visit Hawaii, I totally want to go and participate in the “Field Trips For Shelter Dogs” program!! Bucket list, right?!?

Kaua’i Humane Society

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