This Animal Shelter Created a Real-Life Room to Help Shelter Dogs Show Off Their Personalities

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As a photographer, I often volunteer my services. One of the places I love to volunteer photography services is to our local animal shelters. And one shelter has really stepped things up!

Dogs that have been in loud enclosed kenneled environments tend to be very stressed out.

If you have visited an animal shelter, then you know exactly what I mean.

They are scared and nervous, they are barking and acting out. They will shut down.

I would always have to take each dog outside away from the noise and let them destress. Photos of scared dogs in kennels do not help with adoptions.

Scared and nervous dogs get overlooked because people assume they are problem dogs.

Once given time to relax, they usually warm up super quickly. The transformation is amazing!

The Toledo Humane Society realized that by creating a home-like environment the dogs could relax. People would be able to see the true character of the dogs.

Toledo Area Humane Society

The staff made a livingroom area in an old office. Complete with an easy chair and television.

A quiet low-stress place where they could chill and people could see how amazing they really were. The staff and volunteers even go in there and hang out with them. They get that real-life living environment feeling.

This is such a great idea and I hope other shelters make an effort to do the same! Happy dogs get adopted!

Next time you go to the animal shelter, ask for yard time. Give the dog some time to relax and you may just find your new best friend!

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