Move Over Hot Cocoa Bombs, ‘Broth Bombs’ Are The New Hot Cooking Trend

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I am sure by now you’ve heard of Hot Cocoa Bombs, I mean, who hasn’t?

But have you heart of Broth Bombs? Yeah, they are new, hot and the next best thing that has come to take your cooking to the next level!!

Broth Bombs are exactly like they sound – broth balls that you stick into your food and they dissolve for the perfectly seasoned broth. They even fizz as they dissolve!


Each broth bomb comes with a unique blend of seasoning and spices to add that perfect amount of flavor to any dish.


Yes, we really invented seasoning mixes that fizz… and they are amazingly delicious. Broth Bomb is specially formulated to interact with the food during cooking and breakdown in a way similar to cooking with alcohol or Vit C. You’ll be amazed at how they improve the flavor of the soups and stews. Loaded with herbs and spice, all married together with simple food flavor chemistry.


Each Broth Bomb will run you $6.99 or you can get an entire pack of 8 for around $35. You can grab the Broth Bombs on Amazon Here.


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