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I Just Watched Netflix’s New Series About The Night Stalker Serial Killer and It Totally Freaked Me Out

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I love watching True Crime documentaries. But I have to say, there are some that bother me way more than others and this was one of them.


So, last night was date night and the hubs and I noticed that there was a new true crime docuseries in the Top 10 on Netflix so we decided to binge watch it before bed.

Well, that was a mistake!

All night I had the worst dreams and kept thinking someone was in our house and in our room.

Needless to say, this docuseries freaked me out so much, I slept with my gun next to me last night.

The new Netflix series is called Night Stalker and it details the crimes of serial killer Richard Ramirez, who was known by that name in the press.


Richard Ramirez became known as the “night stalker” for the series of rapes and murders he committed in California in the 1980s.

What is so freaky about this guy is that he didn’t have any sort of trail or commonality for his victims.


Some of his victims were women, men, older, younger, and he sexually assaulted kids but left them alive.

The entire thing was so strange and freaky. Oh and fair warning – it’s quite graphic too.


There was also many times the police came within minutes or seconds of catching him and he was always one step ahead of them.


I don’t want to ruin it too much for you but if you haven’t seen it, put the kids to bed and give it a watch. Or maybe let them play in their rooms and watch it during the day.

It’s a 4 part series and each episode is about 48 minutes long so mentally prepare yourself for that.

You can check out the trailer for Night Stalker below.

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