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People Are Eating Cicadas And My Brain Just Can’t Handle It

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I already wrote about how I thought Cicadas were cool and that my family has fun torturing each other using the exoskeleton they leave behind.

I even wrote about these cool sculptures someone made using the Cicadas exoskeleton.

So yea, I think they’re neat, but would I eat them?

Big fat NOPE.

Even if I was having issues getting food for my family, I would totally find another way before I ate bugs.

Thankfully I’m pretty good with foraging, so I can skip the bugs!

However, there are people that choose to eat them, not because they have to, but because they legit want to eat them.

Yes, you read that right, they WANT TO EAT THEM.

brooklynbugs – Instagram

There are full blown recipes that include the Cicadas… so yea…

Apparently people are seeking out alternative ways to add protein to their diets.

brooklynbugs – Instagram

They are doing this to offset the “environmental impact” of raising cattle but I’m not doing it, nope.

Experts on the subject say it’s best to eat cicadas right after they shed the exoskeleton.

This is a hard post for me to write, it’s not nearly as bad as the people eating rancid raw rotting meat, but it is close on the heave factor.

If you go to Google and type in “cicada recipes” you will see what I mean.

brooklynbugs – Instagram

Would you try it? I mean, right now they’re prime for pick-ins!

brooklynbugs – Instagram

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  1. I ate one at a party once because my cowboy friend said they tasted like walnuts. Everyone was looking so what do you do? You eat the cicada. And you know what? Here wasn’t lying. They full on taste exactly like walnuts. This was a fresh, once living cicada, mind you. The ones in the photos look fried or cooked. Not sure if cooking them alters the flavor. For anyone interested in trying them fresh, sever the head (so it’s dead when you eat it), pull off the wings and start from the back. ?

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