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People Are Using The Exoskeleton Of Cicadas To Create Alien-Like Sculptures and I Have So Many Questions

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My entire Facebook feed is flooded with images of Cicada exoskeletons, people are literally freaking out and it makes me laugh.

My husband and children have tortured each other with years by throwing these things at each other and it’s hilarious.

They’re pretty neat to look at and not at all gross or scary to me.

Cicadas live underground, once they emerge they find a place to safely attach to while the molt.

The exoskeleton is left behind attached to where they had molted, usually on a tree or even attached to your home.

I came across a post on Facebook where someone, or maybe many people created sculptures with the exoskeletons.

John Yu Branscum – Facebook

The sculptures look like aliens and other creatures and they are super freaking cool looking!

This is some serious imagination, skill, and talent, I wonder how much they would sell one for?

John Yu Branscum – Facebook

Maybe I can get one of the kids to make one for me.

I mean, is it weird that I want one so bad? Maybe, but I don’t care… I think they’re cool and unique.

John Yu Branscum – Facebook

I think the one in the photo above is Godzilla? This one below has to be from Alien right?

John Yu Branscum – Facebook

Even if it creeps you out, you have to admit that is some spectacular talent to have!

You can check out the original Facebook post here!

John Yu Branscum – Facebook

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