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Disney Plus’s Noelle Is Christmas Movie Perfection Your Kids Will Watch Again and Again

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The thing about Christmas movies is that they’re designed to be cheesy, predictable and full of Christmas Cheer. Disney+ launched with Noelle, the new Disney Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick, and it totally fits the bill.

Sure the North Pole looks like it could come right out of a snow globe, and there’s even a cute little CGI reindeer friend named Snow Cone, but you can’t help but love every second of it.

Anna Kendrick is one of the cutest actresses of the time, but she is extra cute as Santa’s sister Noelle. and you will love when she stress eats waffles in bed.

Because isn’t stress eating in waffles all of us after all.

The message of girl empowerment is absolutely front and center with this movie, and our daughters will love the Twinkle.

But you’re going to LOVE when Noelle finds herself smack in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona all Elf style.

The thing about this movie is, it kind of starts out like your typical Christmas movie, but then you realize it’s got heart. Like the kind of heart that makes you tear up when you’re watching a super cute Christmas movie at 4am.

Trust me, my review of Disney +’s new movie Noelle is that it is chock full of happy, merry, good Christmas fun.

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  1. I want a snow cone ! the cutest thing ever…….
    Do they make a plush of him?

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