Disney+ Just Launched But Not Everybody Can Get In

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So far, Disney+ has only been out a short time but it hasn’t been without it’s issues.


Twitter users are already reporting that they can’t log in, and If you stream on a ps4, many still can’t get their Disney plus to launch.

Other users are complaining that they are signing up online, but when they go to login on their Roku, it’s not showing them as signed up.

And, I was having trouble getting the app on my phone to work.


What do you do if you can’t get Disney+ to work?

Try multiple devices. Some of the channels and apps are working while others aren’t, so you might just need to keep trying.


Don’t worry about it too much, Disney knows how to handle a lot of people at once.

Oh, and here’s every show and movie available at the launch of Disney+.


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