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This Spot-On Impersonation of Robin Williams Is Leaving People In Tears

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Fan’s of the late and great Robin Williams have been blown away by Jamie Costa and I am as well!

It’s the most perfect Robin Williams impersonation I have ever watched.

From his looks, mannerisms, voice, Jamie nailed it!

Robin test footage YouTube

In the video I shared below, you will watch Jamie Costa, even though it feels as though you are watching Robin Williams.

It’s pretty eerie how on target he is with the performance. People are in tears because they just miss Robin so much and this, this is just everything.

In the video, Jamie is portraying Robin Wiliams on the set of ‘Mork and Mindy’, one of my childhood favorites!

Mork was a major highlight during my childhood, maybe I should watch the reruns and travel back in time with it!

This is a reenactment of a moment from 1982 that shows Robin’s reaction to the news that John Belushi had passed away.

The video is just 5 minutes long, but man… I am so super impressed and I agree… there needs to be a movie about the life of Robin Williams with Janie Costa as the star!

Prepare yourself for chills and goosebumps while watching Jamie completely nail it as Robin, who died in 2014.

Can someone start an online petition or something to make this a reality?


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