Forget What Color The Dress Is, What Name Do You Hear?

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Oh another wonderful day with someone trying to mess with us and test our senses. Remember the famous “dress” that was gold and white? Some saw blue and black.

The dress test is a thing of the past with this new viral test

Nonetheless, there is a new test and this time it tests your hearing… What name do you hear?

The Yanny or Laurel test is the new viral test going around the internet

Listen for yourself at the video below (about 30 seconds in).

Okay, seriously, I think people are playing tricks on us. Depending on which video you listen to on Facebook, you hear a different name. In the one above, I hear “Laurel” but in the video below, I hear “Yanny”.

What do you hear?!

Looks like the world will once again be divided because I don’t think anyone can agree on what it truly says! Should we all go get our hearing checked now?

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