This Starbucks Glass Mug Is Topped With A Stunning Gold Crown For The Princess In Your Life

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Just when we thought we have ended the cycle of purchasing Starbucks tumblers, there just so happens to be a royal glass mug calling our name.

Similar to the first royal cold cup from Starbucks that is finished with a pretty princess crown, this glass mug is similar in theme but completely different in design.

Courtesy of Ebay

This Starbucks mug is an eggshell white with a melted gold Starbucks logo with a few more added gold designs on the front and back of the mug.


The glass mug is topped with a matching eggshell white lid with a very realistic bedazzled gold crown sitting on top of the lid.


As with any Starbucks glass mug, ‘Your Royal Highness’ can sip hot tea or even a freshly brewed iced coffee out of their royal mug if they please!

Courtesy of Ebay

You can snag your own royal glass mug from Starbucks for $43 on Ebay for the princess, prince, queen, or king in your life.

Courtesy of Ebay

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