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‘Troop Beverly Hills’ Is Getting A Sequel And I Can’t Wait

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Way back in 1989, we were introduced to a little movie called Troop Beverly Hills, and the world collectively fell in love with that eccentric troop of girl scouts (not to be confused with Girl Scouts) from the hills of Beverly.

Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Well, my friends, it looks like we are getting a sequel to that fun little film!


Sure, you might be thinking, “Good Gosh! Can Hollywood please get an original idea? All we are seeing is remakes!”


This isn’t a remake, per say. It is going to be a sequel to the original, set 30 years after the events of the original Troop Beverly Hills.


Now, it would be totally cool if the original cast made cameo appearances, but that isn’t yet on the radar for this film.


From what we know, this is going to be an entirely new cast, set in an entirely new camping adventure.


It would be pretty awesome if some of the original cast ended up being counselors or something, AMIRITE?!?


This troop of girls REALLY knew how to do camping right! They did glamping before glamping was a thing! Luxury tents, blowouts from Christophe — with THESE girls I could really get down with the camping spirit!


This sequel is yet to be named, but it is under the Sony TriStar Pictures banner, and will be the first feature film for Oran Zegman, who is set to direct.


If you want to watch the original again, to get ready for the upcoming sequel, Troop Beverly Hills is available to rent on Amazon Prime!!


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