You Can Get An Inflatable Bubble Tent And I’m Ready To Sleep Under The Stars

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My typical rule is: I’m an indoor girl. No camping for me — there’s too much nature. Don’t judge me.

But THIS kind of camping, I could see myself doing. Lots of room, very little dirt, and a constant stream of air. YEP!! That’s the kind of camping for me!

I could even get my KIDS to go camping like this — and that’s saying a LOT. They take after their mom, I’m sorry to say.

These are INFLATABLE bubble tents, and I need them in my life! (Although, have you seen Bubble Boy? The resemblance is uncanny!)

Courtesy of Yolloy

The company that makes these giant bubble tents is called Yolloy, and they are not new to the inflatable game.

Courtesy of Yolloy

They also make inflatable bouncy houses, water slides, huge inflatable tunnel tents, giant inflatable Christmas decorations, and more!

So, these guys really know their stuff when it comes to bringing quality inflatable fun!

These big ol’ bubble tents are made of double layered PVC, and a small blower fan keeps the air pressure in the tent, so it maintains its shape. The constant flow of air also helps prevent the buildup of condensation and fogginess on the sides of the tent.

These awesome tents ARE NOT CHEAP — they will set you back a cool thousand bucks — but they are also hella cool camping equipment!

You have GOT to check these guys out! You can even order an Inflatable Bubble Tent right on Amazon!

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