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You Can Stay In A Yurt In The Middle Of Nature And It’s The Vacation I Need Right Now

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I’m all about some social distancing, but if I don’t get out of this house, I’m going to go crazy.

As long as I’m looking for socially distanced vacation location, it may as well be Go Big Or Go Home, AMIRITE?!?

I have scoured the internet to find some of the coolest spots where you can experience a socially distanced vacation, but have a totally unique experience.

And THIS absolutely qualifies as a totally unique experience.

Have you hear of a yurt? It is traditionally a round tent that’s covered in skins or pelts, and it’s used by nomads in the Turkey region.

BUT, they have been done up in true glamping style at the Cave B Inn & Spa in BEAUTIFUL Quincy, Washington.

You can rent out one of these fancy yurts, and they are less money than you might think.

Definitely part of the modern era, these yurts feature air conditioning, a shower, a king or queen size bed, and you can even get them with Wifi — something I DOUBT they have in traditional yurts. Ha!

These yurts are individual, free standing structures, and you totally get to immerse yourself in nature.

As it is as close to glamping in a tent that you are going to get in a yurt. There is a skylight above the bed, and you can catch the stars at night above you as you sleep.

You are truly unplugging as you stay in one of these yurts, as there is no television, and no phone in the tent. (Of course, I won’t mention there is Wifi. LOL!)

You can rent one of these stand alone yurt tents, in the middle of GORGEOUS Quincy, Washington, for $180 a night — which is so much less than I thought it was going to be!! I was expecting like $300 a night.

Did I mention they also allow pets? Gah! Perfect vacation.

You could totally get out, get away, and let go in one of these cool yurts. Why not, right? YOLO!!

You can book your OWN yurt right on the Cave B Inn & Spa Website. And, if yurts aren’t your thing, they also rent condos, and cool hotel rooms.

If it were me, I’d totally take a socially distanced ROAD TRIP to get to these cool yurts and condos, at the Cave B Inn & Spa. That sounds like so much fun!!

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