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Ryan Reynolds Brought Rick Moranis Out of Retirement For A Mint Mobile Commercial And We Are Here For It

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Y’all it has been far too long since we’ve seen Rick Moranis!

Screenshot Ryan Reynolds Twitter

In case you didn’t know, Rick had gone into retirement and left the acting world to take care of his kids after his wife Anne, died of cancer in February 1991.


I am not crying, you are.

Seriously though, he is a kind soul and what an amazing and selfless thing to do.

But since then, we’ve all missed his quirkiness and smile that can light up a room.


So, when I heard that Ryan Reynolds was able to pull him out of retirement to do a short but awesome commercial for mint mobile, I had to let you all know too!


In the commercial you can see Ryan comparing the new launch of mint mobile’s unlimited plan to Rick Moranis’s reappearance after retirement in that they are both long overdue.

Let’s hope we will be seeing him more in the near future. Rumors are that Rick will be returning for a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids reboot but I’d totally love to see a Space Balls 2!!!


You can watch the full commercial below.

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